Chilly Duathlon - Castle Combe 21stNov2010

So, to the last race of the season.

It actually wasn't very chilly, but there was a sprinkling of wind, and rain towards the end of the race.
There was a healthy turn-out, and I was racing in the same wave as one of my staff, Emma, who was doing her first duathlon.

I decide to cycle from home to the race, hence ensuring legs were warmed up.

I had not pre-registered, so after getting a number, I racked up, and hung out with A, C & J. It was great to see Emma's full support crew in attendance too.

The gun went at 9.45 ish, and the runners & racers were off.

I had a nagging feeling that it was not gonna be PB city here at this race....I'm not sure if it was just plain negative thinking, or due to the fact I had set my PB here on a balmy September evening with NO wind. Anyway, my suspicion was right.

The first run was a very average 14.34 - (nearly a minute down on my run 1 PB!!).
I have not really analysed/adressed my running style/tactics.....ever. I plan to do this during the start of next year.

T1 - 1.17. Enough said.

Onto the bike then.
On completion, I had 'felt' that I was considerably slower that my September bike PB.
I thought it was perhaps 2 mins or so slower, but it wasn't quite that bad.

A respectable 26.37 gave me 55th position on the bike (out of 220).
And, it only turned out to be 41 seconds slower than my Castle Combe bike PB of 25.56 - this time though, I had lost on average, 8 seconds a lap.
I suppose posting a 'solid' bike gives me a little comfort for the long, long training rides that will follow in the Spring.

T2 - 1.11, and lost a couple of extra seconds here, by stupidly trying to start the second run using the route that the BATH Amphibians duathlons use!

So, out onto the second run, and I had a shaky minute or so. The little grassy bank just after the start, and the drop down onto the concrete, did not help!
I 'jogged' back with a second run time of 15.21.

SO, as expected, -- NO PB.

But, there was a little joy at finishing inside the hour, with a time of 59.02, which is actually the second fastest of my 7 duathlons up here at Castle Combe.

Here are the full results.

JC out.

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