Gower Triathlon - 24th July 2010

750m swim - 24k bike - 5k run  -- 7a.m. start.

Official finish time - 1:32:44
Splits -    SWIM-13:11 
              T1  - 3:21
              BIKE - 50:43
              T2 & RUN - 25:30

Finish place - 111th out of 308 starters.- placed 39th in age category.

This is a cracking race, especially with the sea swim.
After a lone Friday night paddle in Port Eynon bay (under the watchful eye of the Devoy's), to see what swimming in waves would actually be like, I retreated back to the King Arthur for my traditional pre race single pint of Guinness.

After opting to not camp, I was up at 5 in the marina, and on my way.

The race was late starting, and at about 7.15am the horn went, and a fairly lairy dash for the first buoy began.
I just kept my head down and used my normal, steady strategy of trying to avoid trouble, and not stop for anything.
Just 2 whacks to the right side of my chops, and kind of swimming over someone who kind of swum across, and hence then under me, I was scampering up to T1.

The bike started 'a la Wimbleball', with an immediate climb up out of the village. I tried to push as hard as I dared up this hill, and no-one around me was joining in, so I was happy to pass well over a dozen stronger swimmers.

On arrival at the top of Cefn Bryn, the heavens opened, and I had to get the shades off, as it was so dark! Still, made for an exciting descent along the bumps, dodging the kamikazee sheep.

Getting back to T2, I found out that I was, after all, going to win one thing at this race - the biggest support team - and hearing all 11 of them shouting me on was amazing!

Out onto the 2 lap run - the start was across the beach in fairly soft sand, so the calves were not exactly smiling, but we climbed up onto the dune paths quick enough.

After a very average run (must tri harder here!), and hitting the finish chute as hard as I could, it was great to get more vocal encouragement, and it felt good to have a breather.

So, a time is set, to hopefully be shot at next year

Onto the run!

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