Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Warminster Triathlon.

Sunday 1st July 2012

Bit of background info around the lead up to this race.
About 10 days before the race, I had entered 'The Triathlon Shop's' facebook competition to win a free entry. I checked back 8 days before the race to see that the 2 names chosen did not include mine.

No surprise, I never win competitions (or races, for that matter).
A very normal, and quite lightweight week of training followed my devastating facebook competition loss, until Saturday 30th June, when I decided to get out and nail a hard L3/4 TT effort on the bike.  - 32.75 miles in 95 mins at an average 20.5mph, to be precise.
Then, got home to a tweet from Mr Bontempi wishing me 'good luck tomorrow'. ???
Seems one of the dudes that had won the facebook comp had pulled out, and I was next up.

Shame not to.

Sunday, I was up early(ish) to pack kit, and family in car, and then try to find transition.
Forgot only one thing (number belt) - not bad actually, considering the lack of thought/prep that went into this race.
I had been 'put in' (by the Triathlon Shop guys) for a 8 min. swim, giving me a sociable 10am wave a pool!!! - without a wetsuit!!!! Lovely.

I really am not good/do not enjoy swimming in a pool, and was actually quite pleased with an official chip time of 7.45. It was 7.32 swim time, as chip time included a bit of the run to T1. (42nd out of 107)

T1 was a shoddy 1.54, but it was rather a long way into it, and a twisty route out, but I still should've been at least 20 seconds faster (need some lessons from KennyB0y)

Out onto the bike on a route I had not even driven before, let alone cycled.
Conditions were not bad, but a fairly technical loop/out and back route with a lot of 90 degree turns and 2 'stop/foot down junctions' 
Feeling the race was a 'no pressure' affair, I decide to push hard for the whole bike, and then just see how the run panned out.
There was wind, nothing crazy, but enough to persuade me to remain aero for about 90 % of the time.
I was not passed by anyone, and passed about 20 or so. This is always a boost.
I continued to push hard the whole way, and came back with a bike split of 40.14 (8th out of 107, and 4th in my age group). Happy with that.

Back to T2 and out with a better 1.13.

So, now to see what it would be like to run off a fairly swift bike in a super-sprint race. 
The last time I had raced this distance was 23 months ago at Malmesbury! (before IronMan)
It was an out and back 5k, mostly flat, but with a cheeky, very steep 100 yds at the turn point.
I ran as fast as I could. It was almost certainly all at L5, but I don't know for sure, because (as in the Cotswold 113), no HRM was used, not even a watch.

I felt strong throughout, and knowing it was only just over 3 miles, I stayed strong, and ran quicker on the 'back', I think!

Anyways, again I was not passed, and managed to pass about 7 or 8.

Back to finish with a run split of 20.51. the fastest I have ever run in a race environment (by a long way), and 30th fastest out of 107.

The splits were happy reading with a total time of 1.11.58 - 19th overall, and 12th in my age group.

Reflections - 

Due to the level of training I currently commit to, these super sprint races are great, uplifting exercises, and can only help with morale, and speed training for the longer events.
There is no real need to 'taper/rest up' before such a race.

Next up, The Gower Olympic Triathlon, on 29th Sept, (if my foot/heel allows/recovers)

Never raced Olympic distance before.

JC out.

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  1. Great report (thanks for the mention!)

    You blasted out those splits, are you finding the effort in training for the Ironman is benefiting your shorter stuff? Coz it looks like to me