Sunday, 18 October 2015


So, we approach November again, most racing is just about done, and time comes to commit to maintaining that valuable fitness that has been banked this year so far.

Turbovember4 is gonna help with that.

We've added an extra aspect this time, for anyone who wants to 'go large', - details below.

Let's try and really grow the group of people involved, & smash the totals logged last year.

Again, this year, we are very lucky, and priveliged to have Elivar Sports Nutrition getting involved and supplying some awesome prizes.
Click on their link here>Elivar to see the amazing range of products - the watermelon 'Endure' comes recommended!!

Details of how prizes will be awarded to follow.

House Rules (standard)

Its very simple. Turbo for all 30 days straight during the month of November 2015, with a couple of simple stipulations.
  • A minimum of 30 minutes on the turbo every day in November, and the following sessions must be ticked off (as a minimum). 
  1. At least x3 turbo/run brick sessions - (i.e. - minimum 45 minute turbo, then minimum 20 minute run straight after turbo session ends)
  2. At least x3 90 minute turbo sessions.
  3. At least x1 120 minute session.

House Rules (XL)

In essence, the same as the 'standard' version, but longer.
  • A minimum of 60 minutes on the turbo every day in November, and the following sessions must be ticked off (as a minimum).
  1. At least x4 turbo/run brick sessions - (i.e. - minimum 60 minute turbo, then minimum 30 minute run straight after turbo session ends)
  2. At least x4 120 minute sessions.
  3. At least x2 180 minute sessions.

Other points of note.
  • As this is a turbo based challenge, the aim is to do just that, but if you must insist on riding your bicycle outside, a maximum 3 outside rides can be logged during the 30 days, BUT, the 'it counts as half' rule must apply - i.e. - if you ride outside for 60 minutes, it only counts as 30 minutes for turbovember.
  • However, if you are racing during November (duathlon, sportive etc..), this can be 'logged', in full for turbovember, but still counts as one of the 3 permitted outdoor rides.
  • Gym/spin bikes are permitted, but only if you are really pushed for time, and its the very last resort.

We have a Facebook page which is a great place to update all on your progress, ask any questions, and even post up some 'turbo heaven/hell' pictures of your progress.

As always, all things spreadsheet are devised by Excel/IT guru KennyB0y, click on his name for his twitter feed, -  and my twitter is here > JC - if you need to ask us any turbo related questions, or just to get involved with the twitter banter.

Click this link > data entry to view the active spreadsheet, where you can enter your name, choose 'Std or XL', log your minutes turbo'd, and check the current league tables.

PLEASE NOTE*** - There are 2 tabs on this active spreadsheet, 

1. 'Data Entry' (this is where you log the minutes you turbo). Simply type in your name/nickname/twitter name into the beige coloured row 9, then choose 'Std' or 'XL' from the drop down menu, and then enter hours turbo'd (in minutes), starting on the '1st', which starts at row 12, '2nd' in row 13 etc etc..

2. 'League Table' - as it says, a table ranked by minutes logged.
This table is purely for reference, do NOT enter any data here, it will take care of itself.

A point of note - it is substantially easier, and MUCH less frustrating to input your minutes turbo'd on a PC or laptop - there is no deadline to input your daily minutes though, and you can enter the previous couple of days at the same time.

BUT - you can, for example enter data via a smart phone/tablet (e.g.iPhone/iPad), but it is quite slow to respond to your touch. 
If you are patient however, it is possible to do it, if a little frustrating. 

Good Luck!!

Lets see how many hours we can turbo, and smash last year.
Remember, you will thank yourself at the Christmas party in December.


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