Thursday, 5 August 2010

the journey, has actually already begun...

The thing that started this desire/need to get to the point where I can swim 2.4 miles, leg it out of the sea/lake, grab a bike, cycle like a man possessed for 112 miles, then run a marathon, happened by chance.

A last minute holiday booking to Lanzarote in May of 2004 (I think), and the very odd sight of loads of bikes behind a fence (they're only bikes right!?), outside the bar we were drinking in, whilst watching the cup final on Spanish TV. WHAT was going on?

Anyways, after the footy, a late siesta, a meal, a couple more beers, and whilst walking back to the hotel, there were still people, with numbers on their chests, running/walking along the sea-front. Strangely, there were still people encouraging them to 'not give up', and 'keep going'...

Odd behaviour I thought.

So, not to be totally ignorant, I started taking a bit more notice of what was actually happening that warm Saturday on the windy Canary Isle.

It turned out to be what some consider a one of the toughest "Ironman" races in the world.

IM Lanzarote is my goal, and has been (to some extent), since that lazy holiday. Here are the details -

This blog will track my course and plan of attack to get to that goal in May cannot be 2011, -  it sold out in 3 days!!

watch this space..


  1. Thanks for the #ff rec on Twitter.

    Good luck with your quest!

    How did Ironman UK 70.3 go? It's a race I've done 3 times: the first time I did it was my 1st half ironman and it was so hard that I think it put me off doing a full Ironman for 3 years.

  2. John, check out my report on the link to 70.3, had a mixed time!

  3. I am very excited for you - I had my journey to Lanzarote this year and it was everything and more than what I expected it to be and cannot wait to do it again!