Wednesday, 1 September 2010

KIT or,, stuff.

What a subject this is.
Do we need it all?
Surely its just a pair of speedos, a t-shirt, a bike and a pair of daps.

Well, actually, people like Wiggle will firmly have you believe otherwise.
They are apparently the oracle/bible for the budding/rookie/novice, and even PRO triathlete.
If my own, rather large money tree had bothered to bear fruit this term, I could easily, (as I now expertly know my way around such a website), be able to drop 10K in a matter of ruthless minutes.

Yes yes! BUT!!, (you say), -  are you aware you are blatantly turning into a MAMIL !!
Well...OK, but I would defend that taunt by merely pointing out that turning to endurance athletics is a far more effective/healthier? way of expressing the inevitable desire to make 40something firmly remain as late 20something/early30something.
It's also far cheaper than the Porsche (I think)

So, all the kit, and all those ever so lovely streamline carbon wind-cheaters, from the 'ever so nice' people at Scott,  Felt, or even Specialized (as approved by Cancellara himself.). Now that is serious KIT.

Though we can scheme, there have been more than a couple of occasions when I have dearly missed one of the numerous bits of KIT.

Simple thing like a pair of bike mitts. Now they were neccessary when I took a tumble in a big race, and left most of the skin of my palm's on a country lane.
Glasses too, these are a must have. On losing my umpteenth pair of (relatively) cheap 'performance' shades, I felt the need to still get out on the bike (shadeless), around the beautiful, yet insect ridden lanes of Wiltshire. Ever tried taking a bee stike to the exact centre of the eyeball at even a conservative 20ish mph?,-  boy that feels like a sharp Calzaghe jab!

Do I need to to mention the absolute must of using a decent chamois?..Thought not.

So, .....KIT.
Some will say it's all needed, and some will vehemently disagree.

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