Wednesday, 17 November 2010


As part of the plan to finish my first Ironman race, I have decided to use a coach.

The reasons for this are -

I am very busy with our business, and all the change that this is going through, and will continue to go through during 2011.

I have the best family anyone could wish to have, and spending time with the 3 loves of my life is essential.

To be able to receive a tailored, custom made plan, and be able to get feedback on it.

I really like the idea of being advised and mentored by a coach who has an amazing track record of 10
IM finishes, and who qualified for Kona,

To this point, my goals for Ironman Wales are to, -

Enjoy the hell out of what should be a quite amazing day in my homeland.

Finish the race, injury free.

Finish strong, with a smile on my face,

Finish as close to the (yet to be determined) target time.

Have the genuine option of getting my second tattoo.

I am going to start my coached regime on New Years Day 2011, and boy, will that be one of the best resolutions I ever did!

So, the investment for now, will not be in the form of more carbon, lycra, or other lovely kit, but more of an investment in structure, advice,and genuine experience from someone who has most definitely 'been there & done that'


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