Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Notes from an Island....

So, almost 6 months since the last blog update.

Not surprising really. Since January, I have been working on my training for Iromman Wales very closely with my coach. And this new coached regime (over the last 18 weeks), has resulted in a more structured, focussed, and dynamic training regime.

At times it has been tough, mainly down to juggling it (training every day) with family and work life. It sure has made me more aware of finding a slot to train in, and sticking to that slot!

I imagine, as most triathletes find, it will occasionally involve training when it is the absolute last thing on earth you feel like doing at that particular point in time.
For example, - starting a 90 min. bike/run session on a Wednesday night, in January, at 9.30PM!
Still, it is taking my awareness and fitness levels to new heights.

I am a writing most of this post on the last,(rainy) afternoon of our holiday in Lanzarote, after watching the Ironman last Saturday.

Me and J got to the swim start literally 5 mins before the 7a.m. gun fired.
Then we made our way up to T1, to witness the early pace setters head out on to the bike.
My thoughts at this point were turning to how I would cope/feel when I rode the very same 180k in a couple of days.
Then, after a much more relaxing day than the 1600 ironpeople we were just watching, we returned to get involved with the support that was being given out on the quite punishing, and very hot run.

It's always inspiring watching others race, but the emotions on show here were plain to see, and it just confirmed that I will enter this beast of a race in '12.

So, after getting properly inspired, I got together a mini-plan for the bike course attempt.

I decided to -

A) not to go all out and risk blowing up towards the end, especially as I was going to be treated to a monster south-easterly headwind all the way back down to PdC.
B) hire a bike with a triple chain ring.
C) meet the folks for a 1 hr. lunch stop at Arietta, after the big climbs.

Result - all good, and felt like I could have run off it, but a 'Daddy led' BBQ was on the agenda, so the run off a tough 7hr. bike would have to wait!

Being around a race like this definitely inspires, and during my stay here I finally got round to signing up for the IM Wales long course 'training' weekend. Well, the Friday night 3.8k sea swim, and the 112 mile Saturday bike sportive.

Other events still in pencil, but hopefully to be put in pen soon, are the Cotswold 113 half distance event at the end of June, and a couple of the Castle Combe duathlons.


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