Sunday, 5 February 2012

Castle Combe Chilly Duathlon - 20th November 2011.

Race report.

So, yet another crack at this fast and furious duathlon.
Goal was a PB. Hopefully about 2 mins off my previous best of 56.51 in Sept 2010.

Weather was a little windy, and a little chilly, but not anything silly.

Gun off, and the first run started very quickly (I thought), and I was at L4/5 within a minute or so.
Not concerned whatsoever about anyone around me, I just pushed as hard as my long distance legs would take me. Av HR for this first run was 173, so a low L5 effort, which I very rarely hit in any of my IM training. And the time was a 14 second PB at 13.31.

Usual snail like T1 of 1.07, which was 3 seconds slower than last time out.

Onto the bike, and I basically pushed it as hard as I could, with no thought of the effect on final run.
Only seemed to be 'lapped' once, by only 3 of the big boys, which is much less than usual, and the 5 x2 mile lap splits came out at - 5.06, 5.05, 5.05, 5.04, & 5.12. with an official total bike time of 25.58. Av HR for the bike leg was 168, so again churning it up at L5, yet I missed my PB by 2 seconds.

T2 was 59 seconds, a whole 8 lousy seconds off my best here. Must do better in transition, period.

Back out onto the final run, and I feeling not too good, but just focussed on maintaining the pace throughout, but couldn't really up it. Av HR was lowest of the 3 at 167, so downgraded to L4, hence my being unable to pick it up. Still though, it was a 46 second PB! - at (14.26)

So, in summary, Av HR for the whole effort was 169, with a peak of 181.
The goal of a 2 minute PB was not quite made, as the finish time of 56.03, took only 48 seconds off that sunny September 2010 effort, still a PB is a PB.

Onto the next one...

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