Monday, 16 April 2012

#33 DAYS 2 D-DAY.

Some thoughts as I enter the key, middle section of the 4 week specificity (peak) period of my IM Lanza training plan.

This time around the training plan has seemed to move along quicker, even though it hasn't really stopped since it started in January 2011. I suspect I'm seeing each stage of the plan blend quite nicely into the next, as I am now familiar with all the variations/intervals that Ade throws at me on each 4 week block.

I have had the same two injury worries/niggles as I had encountered whilst getting into the meaty part of the Tenby training plan.
The first was a 'clown' injury to the lower back (S.I. joint), that I picked up by simply having a kick about with the little men at the park, and not having suitable attire on my exposed back in a chilly breeze... Boy! I paid for that for a whole week....not being able to put socks on, and bending down no further than a couple of degrees. Still, I have the perfect remedy for this, and its ice packs for 3 solid days. Saved the hundred or so quid that I have, in the past paid to my chiropractor to fix it.

Second, and more worrying was the re-surfacing of the achilles 'feeling'. I thought it might be tendonitis, but cannot be sure. Anyways, a 4 day rest, and no running has calmed it right down, and at time of writing, I have just run for 3hrs 20mins over the last 48 hours, and with no adverse reaction.

So, in relation to injury, for me, it's very much a case of taking a very sensible 'adopt to the situation' approach with regards managing the injury, and its effect on the training plan, (and it's flexibility), and also keeping an attentive ear out for any signals sent out during the more intense periods of training.
Management and not panic will win out here.

Another interesting point this time around are the weight levels/management.
I now find that (with a very balanced approach to foods consumed), I have kept a very, stable weight (usually bang on 178lbs), and even after a hefty 6-7 hour brick, I am not seeing the 3-4lb drop I frequently saw last summer. I am hoping that is good sign of me utilising a good nutrition strategy (especially during a big session).

Now only 33 days away, I feel, that if I can nail the next 14 days to see me enter the taper in the right frame of mind, then the race that I first saw whilst drinking beer and watching the FA Cup final on a last minute holiday to the Canaries, will be within my grasp.......

And yet again, it is very clear that no flash kit will contribute more to a successful, tough training effort, than a fully supportive and close knit family.

JC out.

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