Thursday, 11 October 2012


Ok, here are guidelines for our #turbovember challenge.

The goal is to hit that turbo for the 30 days straight that is the month of November 2012.

This will bring huge rewards on the path to improved cycle speed/endurance/fitness.


  • A minimum of 30 mins must be ridden on a turbo-trainer, on every day in November 2012.
  • Within the 30 days, the following must be ticked off - 
  1. At least x3 turbo-run brick sessions (minimum 45 min turbo, then minimum 20 min run)
  2. At least x3 90 min turbo sessions.
  3. At least x1 120 min sesh.
Other points of note.
  • As this is a turbo based challenge, the aim is to do just that, but if there is a very good weather window, then a maximum of 3 sessions out of the 30 can be done outside.
  • If racing during November (duathlon, sportive etc..), this is permitted as one of the 3 outdoor rides.
  • Gym/spin bikes are permitted, but only if  'timecrunched'. ...tho a gym brick set is a good pose, and usually puts other spinners to shame.

Good Luck!!
Lets see how many hours we can turb.....



  1. Looks like my top lip is gonna get sweaty with the combination of Movember & Turbovember

  2. Looks like the computrainer is gonna get hammered this November

  3. When I cross the line at the Outlaw I will have you (and Richard Harris) to thank for kicking my butt into gear

  4. I know November has just finished, but here are some awesome videos for the turbo during winter: