Sunday, 11 August 2013

T-minus 28 days.

So, it's just about 4 weeks to my fast approaching date with Tenby, and my third effort at racing Ironman.

Writing this on the plane back after a week's holiday/swim/run/core/weights training in Lanza, (which was pencilled in on the plan as one of the x2 peak weeks), I feel that I am, at this point, approx 75% ready to take on this tough race for the second time.

It'll be interesting to see how the week enjoying some awesome family time, and a whole lot of extra sleep will impact my race readiness. A very yummy increase in calories and general food intake, will also need to be accounted for over the coming weeks, and from today, a 28 day ban on alcohol, coupled with a restricted caffeine intake are hopefully going to ensure I will be ready. 
Needless to say, there is still a solid 2 week block to nail (especially on the bike), before I can class myself as race ready.

The family break in Lanza proved very useful, and it enabled me to nail several solid sea swims, amounting to approx 10k of solid efforts, culminating with an effort of approx 3.5k, and all in the paradise like waters off Playa Blanca, and frankly, it doesn't come much better than that.

On completion of the bigger, last swim, I was happy to be exiting the water feeling very relaxed, with a low HR, and with the feeling that I could have easily swam on.
I marked out a lap of roughly 700m or so, using a small yellow buoy as a halfway marker, and I found the multi-lapping sessions good for the mental approach that will be required to race Tenby (across all 3 disciplines).

The goal for this race?

As before, primarily to finish, without injury, but with a smile.

I was genuinely delighted with my effort/time in 2011, and the 'head goal' is, that if I can match that 2011 effort/time this year, I will again, be genuinely delighted.

The 'heart goal'? - that would be unwise to dwell on, but rest assured, there is one.

Roll on a beer at the infamous Five Arches, and the completion of what should be another awesome day of Ironman racing.

JC out.